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This article provides the enhancement required to display the column names in the purchases page.


Missing some of the attributes of Purchase Order Lines when looking at views like "All Purchases" and "Unprocessed Purchases". In some projects we started creating custom fields and update them with data from existing fields, just to be able to use these details in the process of linking purchases. Specifically we are now asking for "Start Date" and "Effective Date" (Maintenance). While "Effective Date" is at least available under "All Purchases", "Start Date" is not.

I would like to understand where exactly it is defined if a field is available in a grid view or not? I have been looking for stored procedures and changed some views, but did not see any results. Is there a good reason for these values to not being available? I assume it could be performance related. I would be very thankful for a hint from engineering where to look to be able to create my own workaround.


Enhancement request in FNMS-43961 to have the 'Effective Date' and 'Expiry Date' columns added to the grid view in 'Unprocessed Purchases' and 'Effective Date' added to 'All Purchases'. These fields are available when processing a purchase but not available in subsequent grid views
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