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How can entries for VMWare Inventory be cleaned up in FNMS


We want to Clean up no longer needed entries for VMWare Inventory in FNMS from the Discovery and Inventory > VMWare Inventory page, how can this be done?


The VMware inventory on this page is gathered from the Generate VMware Inventory task, when this data is imported into FNMS the data VMware inventory page is updated. To ensure the data is accurate configure the VMware inventory task to run on a consistent schedule.


If the device that contained the VMware inventory is no longer available the Inventory Device that reported the VMware Inventory can be deleted from the discovered devices tab, this inturn removes any inventory linked to this device the next time an import is ran.

Additional Information

If there is no Discovered Device, this could the the result of a known issue FNMS-2683 related to incomplete records and the device will have to be removed from Inventory Manager directly.
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