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Error code 8 returned for the /LICMAN/MASTER_READONLY role when importing a transport into FlexNet Manager Suite for SAP


When importing a transport into FlexNet Manager suite for SAP, you may experience the error in the sample screenshot below:

User-added image


This occurs when old objects are already in the system and are causing conflicts when the new transport is imported. It is recommend to run the deletion transports before importing the new transport. This is because they cannot be overwritten.

?The role that is causing the issue is /LICMAN/MASTER_READONLY.


This can occur for any transport you attempt to import, in this instance the role needs to be deleted manually from the system before importing the new role transport.

Additional Information

This is outlined in the FlexNet Manager for SAP Applications Installation guide that is included in the SAP transports download, section 4 Deletion outlined in the Introduction section contains the additional details.
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