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This article covers the enhancement that was created to support LDOMs.


We have here that different computers report inventory, they appear as different within the inventory database and in the ImportedComputer table in the compliance database and then are mapped to just one compliance computer.

As far as we were able to investigate this, this happens to several global zones on the same hardware (Solaris M9000). The global zones have the very same firmware serial number, but have all different systemid, identifying number and so on. The configuration in Solaris must be via LDOMs, which allows to partition one hardware machine into several hardware machines having their own global zone (one of these global zones is attributed as "master" though).

There must be an error in the matching process during recon (matcher step). For these cases the matcher must not match machines with the same firmwareserialnumber into just one compliancecomputer.


The enhancement around support for LDOM is tracked under FNMS-39933 and has been addressed in FlexNet Manager Suite 2017 R1
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