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By default, the FlexNet Beacon creates a scheduled task named “Upload Flexera logs and inventories” that looks for files to upload by searching the contents of the Incoming folder (%ProgramData%\Flexera Software\Incoming). This task searches the full list of folders located in Incoming, in alphabetical order.

FlexNet beacon versions 18.1 (2022 R1.1) and later also configure a second scheduled task named “Upload Flexera inventories." This task solely looks for inventory files so it can upload them quickly if there is a backlog of other files awaiting upload (for more details, see the Inventory Beacon Change Log).

To manually configure a scheduled task similar to "Upload Flexera inventories" on earlier beacon versions, follow the steps below.

  1. Open the Task Scheduler.


  1. Right-click on Upload FlexNet Beacon status and select Export.

tasksched export.png

  1.  Import the exported task.


  1. Give the task a name. Upload FlexNet Inventory is the task name used in this example.
  2. On the actions tab, select Edit.


  1. In the Arguments section, change UploadRule=BeaconStatus to UploadRule=Inventory.


  1. Save the task.


  1. Manually start the task.


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By Level 9 Champion
Level 9 Champion

Hey @tjohnson1 & @HollyM ‌‌👋,

We have this implemented in our environment, as with the traditional solution we found that the inventory upload to the Flexera cloud wouldn't complete pre the next reconciliation run.

I have noticed as per the note from Beacon version 18.1, a inventory only task is already included in the build.

I have a couple of thoughts >

Does this mean, we need to remove our original configured task?

Or can they operate in tandem etc?

Or as we have a manually created one, will the out of the box one not populate? 

By Technical Writer
Technical Writer

The upgrade should leave the task you manually created. This task should run in tandem with the tasks created by the beacon. You may see some locking errors in the log if the tasks are trying to upload the same file and the same time. We would therefore recommend that you disable your custom task.

If your custom task has the same name as the built-in task then you will only have 1 copy of the task created.

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