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This article addresses the issue where an application consumes a license despite its status being set to 'Ignored'.


Within the Properties of a License you will see consumption showing on the Consumption tab, for example:

Consumption tab
The consumption is visible within the highlighted red box.


This consumption is showing because you have installs of an application (see red box):

Inventory Device Properties
But this application's status has been set to Ignored (see red box):

Ignored Application

Although you may choose not to manage an ignored application, it may still be licensable. For this reason, an ignored application is not exempted from license consumption calculations. In previous documentation it was not clear that was the case, but the most recent Online Help has been updated to reflect this.


Instead of setting an application to 'Ignored', you can remove an application from license consumption calculations by either:

1. Disconnecting the application from all licenses or;
2. In the General tab of properties for the evidence that identifies the application, set Ignored to Yes (first check that this same evidence does not also link to a different application that should still be included in compliance calculations).
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