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inventory for Chrome Browser extensions

Google Chrome will allow any user to install a browser extension.  Some of these extensions have terms and conditions that will allow the use of information that I do not want to agree to.  In the cases where these exist I need to identify them and remove them.


Is there a way to inventory for Google Chrome Extensions even if they do not show up as add remove programs entries? 

Same question for Microsoft Edge.  

They are licensed software that I need to be able to inventory for.

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As documented by Google, Chrome can use two alternative ways for registering an extension:

  • Using the Windows registry (for Windows only)
  • Using a preferences JSON file (for Mac OS X and Linux only)

For Windows, you can use the "IncludeRegistryKey" option for the Flexera Agent for collecting the additional evidence from the HKLM\Software\Wow6432Node\Google\Chrome\Extensions branch in Registry.

For non-Windows computers, make sure that the paths where the JSON files are stored (/usr/share/google-chrome/extensions/,
/opt/google/chrome/extensions/) are included in the list of folders to be scanned by the Flexera agent. You can use the "IncludeExtension" option for the Flexera agent to make sure that .json is added to the default list of file name extensions to be reported.

As Google Chrome extensions are not contained in the Flexera ARL (yet), you will have to create these extensions as local applications in FNMS and link these applications to the additional file evidence collected by the Flexera agent.