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inactive users unallocation after a month

Hi Team

A user status was changed to "Inactive" on 01st Oct.

This user got unallocated from O365 consumption (via o365 integration on FNMS 2021R1) on 02nd Oct.

However, the same got unallocated from another license (manually allocated earlier) only on 6th Nov.

Can someone please help explain why it took a month for unallocation after the user status changed to Inactive while o365 un-allocation seems to have happened next day. We are expecting all un-allocations should happen on same day


(2) Replies

@The_TonyStark - I don't believe there is any "magic" to un-allocate inactive users from any licenses that they are allocated to.  In the case of M365, this happened automatically when you unassigned the user from subscriptions in your M365 Portal, and then the next time the M365 connection ran, the user was automatically removed/un-allocated from the license.

When a User is allocated to a User or Named User license, and the status of the User is set to Inactive, they will remain allocated to the license until some action is taken on those licenses to remove them (such as a Business Adapter feed that allocates a fresh batch of users to the license, and if the inactive user is not in the new feed they would be unallocated.  I don't believe that Inactive Users allocated to a license will cause consumption, however.

@kclausen   Thanks for your quick response. I've been under the same impression until now but in this case the user got un-allocated after a month by flexera service account and not by any person and this also did not involve any new business adapter allocations either. So, we just thought the daily reconciliation is doing the magic here, by un-allocating the inactive user automatically and yes, the inactive users allocated to a license not causing consumption