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certificate and proxy error

Hi Forum,

Having few issues with the Agent communication to the beacon and coming across below errors. Any suggestions

1. " A certificate chain processed, but terminated in a root certificate which is not trusted by the trust provider" -  As per my understanding issue with the root ca certificate in the client in which agent is being installed and just want to confirm nothing to do with Beacon certificate and this is a non trusted domain where the flexera core setup is hosted.


2. the web server or proxy from which managesoft is attempting to retrieve the application returned the following HTTP error message: 500 internal server error.


Appreciate your help




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By Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

For #1, this message is saying that the client computers do not trust the certificate from the beacon computer. This could be resolved by using a different certificate on the beacon that the clients will trust (for example, by using a certificate that has a root CA your client computers trust), or by configuring the clients computers to trust the root CA used by the certificate that is currently configured on the beacon.

For #2, there isn't much to go on here but I would suggest you start by checking logs on the web proxy or server that the client is communicating with to look for any error details. For example - look in the Application event log on Windows, beacon logs, etc.

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