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agent cannot install the merged deployment policy issue

We are seeing a specific error in few of the deployed linux server stating that "agent cannot install the merged deployment policy" this error is showing up in the managesoft log.

We also have a tracker log stating "no upload servers configured" on these machine as well

I am attaching screenshot of managesof tlog.

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Do you know if this server has ever made a proper connection to an inventory beacon?

Can you post the tracker.log file? The phrase "no upload servers configured" usually means that connectivity to all inventory beacons has failed. tracker.log should state the reason why.

Also look at the installation.log file for additional error messages.


NO Upload Server in the past for me. Support found the Beacon Config was missing the Network Name value.  example:


Did you configured the mgsft_rollout_response file correctly?
Remember to add this file (and the mgsft_rollout_cert if https needed) into /var/tmp/ before triggering the installation script.

mgsft_rollout_response (example)


A full documentation can be found here

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