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Windows Server (GCP) BYOL license consumption issue

We are using Windows Server BYOL licenses on dedicated hosts (sole tenants) in Google Cloud Platform (GCP). However, Flexera is incorrectly tracking license consumption at the individual VM level rather than the sole tenant level. Additionally, the 'Host' column is blank for GCP instances in our cloud service inventory.

Our preference is for GCP instance licenses to be consumed at the sole tenancy level rather than the VM level. Could you please guide me through the steps to rectify this issue.

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As far as I know there is no automatically support for such fields in FNMS for GCP.
If you check the documentation FlexNet Manager Suite Online Help - Cloud Hosting Tab ( you will find that there is mentioned for most fields:  "(Not available from Google Cloud instances.)"

By Level 17 Champion
Level 17 Champion

There are likely multiple approaches to this.

If you're on a 2023 R2 system, you could use the new intelligent license allocation feature ( to allocate all the GCP instances to a dedicated license.

I'm not sure what your actual license metric for those GCP machines looks like, worst case could be a custom metric license.