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Windows Server 2016 Point Rule Set

Hello togehter,

is it correct that the Point Rule Set for Windows Server 2016 isn't in the current PURL ? Is there is any best-practice for getting the right points of 8 Core2 if you have servers with only one socket with less cores ?

I think it would help other customers too 🙂

thanks in advance
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By Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager
This is a somewhat old thread, but a recent product update from Flexera announced support for the Microsoft Windows Server 2016 License Model is being added in the FlexNet Manager Suite 2017 R2 release which is expected to be available shortly. A description of this feature is:

As a SAM practitioner, you need a license model for Windows Server 2016 and Microsoft System Center 2016 core-based licenses. That’s what you get with the new Microsoft Server/Management Core license model in the FlexNet Manager Suite 2017 R2 release. It covers both the Standard and Datacenter Editions of the Microsoft products. And, the core Microsoft rules and conditions listed below are built into the product for correct license consumption calculation.

  • Based on physical cores (no hyper threading consideration)
  • Each physical processor must be licensed for at least 8 cores
  • Each server must be licensed for at least 16 cores
  • Cores are sold in packs of 2
  • A Standard license will permit 2 OSEs (Operating System Environments) while a Datacenter license permits unlimited OSEs

Note that the new license model supports on-premises installations of Windows Server 2016 and SCCM 2016. SCCM 2016 cloud installations have rules that are not covered by this license model. And, customers can’t move Windows Server licenses to the cloud.

Chris @ Flexera
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