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Windows 7 x64 with nodelocked file


With Windows 7 it is possible for us to protect our products with nodelocked (local) file but it doesn't detect the licence file.

Remark 1 : the same nodelocked file with Windows XP x64 (and before) no problem, it works well.

Remark 2 : with Flex LM + Floatting mode installed on the same PC with Windows 7, it works fine.

Thank's in advance
(1) Reply
h, same problem as I had then: you need to have administrator rights for this to work and you must do the following:
1. Right click your Oni folder
2. Click Properties
3. Click the Security tab
4. Click Edit...
5. Click Add
6. Type Everyone
7. Click Ok
8. Click the top Checkbox under Allow (Full Control)
9. Click Ok
10. Click Ok
After you've done that try doing the same thing as before.