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Will the MD software uninstall itself if it is removed from policy? This is assuming that the checkbox to remove if application is removed from policy is checked.


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Flexera Alumni
Hi Darren,

The short answer is no. The client is not designed to uninstall itself.

The "ManageSoft for Managed Devices" package is not designed to be assigned to policy. It is designed to be installed through remote adoption. The only reason why it exists as a package is so that it can be distributed.

The "Upgrade for Managed Devices" package is designed to be assigned through policy. However, it only upgrades the client. Uninstalling it, either manually or by removing it from policy, does nothing to the client itself.

Having said that, if you assigned the "managesoft for managed devices" MSI package to the policy through the native group policy package assignment, which has it's own "remove when out of scop of policy" feature. Then the client would be automatically uninstalled if the client machine fell out of scope of the policy.