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Why would not all supported self-update platforms not update the agent even when we are getting current inventory?

  I have selected "Upgrade selected platforms" under "Inventory agent for automatic deployment" but some of the devices are not updating even though they have "Policy specifies" set to new agent version and "Policy effective date" is current.  Some of the supported platforms have "Policy effective date" and "Policy specifies" blank for platforms that support self update of agent which results in those devices not self-updating but I'm not sure why those are blank. 

/var/opt/managesoft/launcher/cache/Launcher has the new version of the agent to install but it never installs and I see no errors in installation.log.

I have forced policy updates on a few devices but still no updates occur.   Is there a way to force the agents to update on these systems appear to be ignoring policy?

Thank you.

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Community Manager

I understand that there are no errors in the installation log, but my question would be what does the installation log show about the agent? Does it show the agent package version you expect being downloaded and checked?

Comparing an installation log from a device that has upgraded with a device that has not upgraded may shed some light on any difference between the two devices.

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