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Way to import the inventory from ServiceNow to FlexNet Manager Suite?

I am looking for a way to import the inventory collected by ServiceNow and accumulated in ServiceNow into FNMS as an inventory.


I think I might use Inventory Adapter. Has anyone ever succeeded in creating an adapter or is there a sample template for this connector?

It is difficult for me to build the ability to import inventory using Inventory Adapter in scratch, so I would be glad if there were any tips or best practices.



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Community Manager

The following thread may give you some pointers to get started: FNMS Cloud & Custom Inventory Adapter

One implementation approach which may make this easier for you is to first work out how to get data extracted from ServiceNow into an intermediate "staging" database. You can then focus on configuring a FlexNet adapter to retrieve data from the staging database. This pattern can be a useful way to separate concerns related to extracting from ServiceNow from concerns related to importing into FlexNet.

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Do you have a way to export the CI table from ServiceNow?

Are you using the FNMS adapter for ServiceNow for importing your assets?

Is this a 1 time load or do you want to consistently connect the 2 systems for updating the Inventory?

What feeds ServiceNow the inventory? ServiceNow Discovery?