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Unknown Product - Cloud Pak for Automation Not Consuming

We currently have some IBM Business Process Manager deployments which we want to assign against our Cloud Pak for Automation license.

Cloud Pak for Automation allows use of IBM BPM or the new product name which is called "IBM Business Automation Workflow". IBM BPM was not in the list of applications covered under the Cloud Pak for Automation license therefore we have manually added this in and applied the relevant ratio.

When we run a reconcile, under the Cloud Pak consumption we can see the BPM deployments as being allocated however: it states "Unknown Product" at the top of the consumption tree and the consumption number is just 0.

Anyone have any solutions to this issue?

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@greg_best - I suggest a Support Ticket.  Based on your analysis, it looks like the Flexera Content library needs to be updated for this specific Cloud Pak Bundle.