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By Technical Writer
Technical Writer


The VMware vRealize Suite has been renamed to VMware Aria Suite & the related bundle of products was also renamed.

Hence, we require the alterations in the ARL as well. 

As a result,  applications with different versions along with editions are now available on the upgrade/downgrade tab. This would help customers able to see the existing licenses when they try to upgrade. 


Attached is the list of VMware Products/applications that are going to change.


Current Product

New Product

Current Application

New Application

vRealize Suite

Aria Suite

vRealize Suite 8.12

Aria Suite 8.12

vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager

Aria Suite Lifecycle

vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager 8.12

Aria Suite Lifecycle 8.12

vRealize Automation

Aria Automation

vRealize Automation 8.12

Aria Automation 8.12

vRealize Log Insight

Aria Operations for Logs

vRealize Log Insight 8.12

Aria Operations for Logs 8.12

vRealize Operations

Aria Operations

vRealize Operations 8.12

Aria Operations 8.12

vRealize Orchestrator

Aria Automation Orchestrator

vRealize Orchestrator 8.12

Aria Automation Orchestrator 8.12


These changes would be part of the 24th May 2024 ARL release.