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Unable to upgrade a Beacon


I am getting the following error - 'unable to find path for FlexNet Beacon.msi’, when I try to upgrade the beacon from 2019 R2 to 2022 R2 (v 19.0).

Any help on this will be appreciated.



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Are you trying to do auto upgrade or trying manual. 

You can copy msi file & provide that path during installation. It will get upgrade without any issue.

msi file of Flexnet Inventory Agent or something else? Because here in the link below it was mentioned as Flexnet Inventory Agent.

You can run beacon.exe in your laptop & it will generate FlexNet Beacon.msi file in C:\Users\userid\AppData\Local\Temp\{079D4161-8006-4F42-8F04-DC948FD794AA}\FlexNet Beacon.msi'

Copy that file in other drive & copy msi in your beacon server where you want to upgrade. When you will run exe file to upgrade , it will ask for MSI, give path of MSI & proceed. It will complete the installation.

I ran into a similar issue where I tried to manually upgrade one of my beacons and it failed because the installer said something was missing.  (I don't recall what.)  In my case, I downloaded the installer file a second time and tried again, and then the install completed successfully.  Maybe your installer file got corrupted somehow?


Can you check if .net framework 4.7.2 or higher version is installed on Beacon server? if it is there it should automaticly get upgrade without any issuee.

you can find it in below path: