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Create reports/charts from SQL query in Cognos Analytics



We want to create reports and dashboards from All Inventory data. We're trying to use SQL query in Cognos Analytics to get information from the database and build the reports, but we have some problems:

1. We cannot find the "hosted in" and other inventory device fields in the Compliance database. There're many tables, which table should we use?

2. Some fields with ID to link objects (users, location,...). How can we make it show the value (not the ID)?

3. Do you have any documents/guidelines for using SQL query and building charts from SQL query data in Cognos?


Thank you very much,

Thu Le.

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Regarding question 1, the Flexera Database Schema Reference is your friend.

Regarding question 2, there are many fields where an ID is listed in a table that references an actual value in a reference table.  Your query will have to join to the reference table in order to see the value.  For example, if a record in the ComplianceComputer table has a ComplianceComputerTypeID of 2, you'll need to join your query to the ComplianceComputerType table to see that the value of 2 is the string "VM Host".