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Unable to delete report | Report Duplication | Report works in edit mode but not after saving


I am trying to create a report to fetch vendor and asosciated contracts.

While I was working on the current report, for example: report01, after I saved it, an additional report was now available along with report01, which is "report02* ".

Could you please tell me why this additional report was created?

Also as long as I am editing and testing out different objects, the report works, but it does not display anything after I have saved it, is this a known behaviour? Any suggestion here would really help.

Finally, I don't see any option to delete a report, how can I delete a report?
I've tried editing the report, and deleting the object individually but this does not work.


Thank you in advance.



Aftab Ansari

(2) Replies

To delete a Custom Report, open the folder structure to find your report and then select the Check Box.  You should now see a Trash Can icon in the upper left of your view, above the folder structure.  That will delete the reports that have been selected.

Note that the reports that are shipped with FlexNet Manager cannot be deleted - only Custom Reports.



Thank you for the quick response, totally missed the bin icon.



Aftab Ansari