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UAT Test Plan Document

Hi Community

Trust you are well. 

Can anybody assist me with providing me or sharing with me a draft UAT Test Plan for FNMS.

Your assistance is much appreciated.



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By Level 17 Champion
Level 17 Champion

Hi Manish,

Could you please be a bit more specific on what you are looking for? Is this regarding migration of the platform? Is it to test inventory adapters or business imports?

Best regards,


@mfranz  - To be specific, i am looking for test plan for :

  1. End user tetsing - as in what a user would do on FNMS
  2. Inventory Adapters





  1. I haven't really seen end user testing in a UAT environment for a finished application. I mean, yes for customizations, but not the solution as it is.
  2. As custom inventory adpaters are usually very specific, I don't think there's going to be a ootb test plan. When testing, I usually do check results against expectations (usually comparing quantities in source and target). And as mentioned, these really depend on the data source.

Please define end user testing?
Are you verifying the application is up and the pieces available or are the licenses calculating correctly?

The later would require you to know every licensing model used, and verify all of them.