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Flexera Cognos Data Model - Usage

Hi All - 

I was searching the Cognos data model for the 'usage' metric that FNMS calculates for us, but unfortunately it doesn't seem to be in the model.

Is it classified somewhere I might be missing? Or is this something we have to manually update so that it will be pulled into cognos?


App A - Installed - 1000, Used - 900. <- This is the metric I want to be able to pull in.


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I believe I may have figured out why - it seems as those usage details are only in the "Flexnet Manager Platform Reports & Dashboard" data model, which is the older model for FNMS On-Prem only (I think?). This is the more tricky cognos connection that I am not so good with, but this has been helpful - most specifically the "Savings through unused application analytics report"...

But still open to suggestions if there's another way to pull it into the other drag-and-drop/widgets spot of Cognos...