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Zero Consumption for Gigabyte/Terabyte Licenses - How is Usage Tracked

I am managing licenses for some products where the metric is Gigabyte (GB) or Terabyte (TB). However, the consumption for these licenses is currently showing as zero in Flexera.

Can anyone advise how Flexera typically tracks and reports usage for licenses based on storage capacity (GB/TB)?

Are there any specific configuration steps needed for these types of licenses to ensure accurate consumption tracking?

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By Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

License with metrics like this would normally be modelled in FlexNet Manager Suite or Flexera One ITAM using a license type of "custom metric", which is the license type normally used when consumption cannot be calculated automatically.

You can manually enter the consumption details on custom metric licenses  - either through the web UI, or possibly using a business adapter (if you are using FlexNet Manager Suite). See the following discussion threads for some discussion about this:


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