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Assign Beacon Server for Multiple Subnet discovers MAC Address or Not

Hi Flexera Community,

As per FNMS 2022 R1 Installation Guide, Under Minimum of one per subnet; I have seen following conditions in the guide

"It is best practice to deploy at least one inventory beacon into each separate subnet that contains target devices for which you may want an inventory beacon to execute discovery and inventory gathering. Being within the target subnet allows the inventory beacon to reliably use ARP or nbtstat requests to determine the MAC address of a discovered device"

My question here is that if I am assigning multiple subnets into one beacon server will discover MAC Address from all the subnets or not.

Kindly advise me.



Shahul Hamid Bathusha


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Thanks for your reply and I have cleared my doubt with your above link.

Yes I got what I want. Thanks for your promptly response.