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Hi All, 

Just looking for some advice re suites and bundles in Flexera and how other organisations deal with these. We obviously use software from larger suppliers such as IBM and Oracle etc but when we have products for smaller suppliers are these still treated in a similar way? 

Are there any clear user guides which lay out step by step the best way to input suites and bundles?

we did receive some very limited flexera training on how to add bundles and or suites but a refresher would be much appreciated!

Thanks, Kirsty

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@Kirsty_Mills  - My general rule of thumb is:

If the entitlement contains multiple products and all of the products are installed from the same media (such as Microsoft Office), it should be a Suite.

If the entitlement contains multiple products and the products are installed separately, it should be processed as a Bundle.

There are some exceptions to this guideline, but in general this should help.

One exception would be the following scenario where an entitlement contains more than 1 product that are installed separately, but the entitlement is only valid when all products are installed.  In that case, you should use a suite.


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