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Staging Error and Data warehouse Error

Hi Flexera Users,

Firstly thanks for the wonderful platform for discussing about the FNMS app as a whole 🙂

Recently i have deployed FNMS, after deployment i facing this 2 errors.:confused:

Can some one help me with this issue.:o

Vishnu Priyan
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By Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager
Hi Vishnu,

If you click on the "Download log" log shown next to the failure, the log file there may contain some more specific details to point you to the problem.

The error likely indicates that the "inventory" database has not been set up properly, or possibly that the name of a different database (not the "inventory" database) has been configured in the FlexNet inventory database source connection details. Some things to check are:
  • Verify that the inventory database name and other connection details are configured correctly for the FlexNet Manager Suite inventory source connection in the beacon UI.
  • Verify that the inventory database has been created, and you can execute the following query against it (this is similar to the query that the process will be trying to execute, assuming you are using a current FlexNet Manager Suite release):

    -- when substring(dc.Value, 1, 3) = '7.8' and @FileUsageTableExists = 1 then '7.8.1'
    when substring(dc.Value, 1, 3) = '7.8' then '7.8.0'
    -- when substring(dc.Value, 1, 3) = '7.6' and @FileUsageTableExists = 1 then '7.8.1'
    else dc.Value
    end AS Version
    FROM dbo.databaseConfiguration AS dc
    WHERE dc.Property = 'SchemaVersion'

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