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Software on Remote storage

Hi All,


We have a handful of middleware products for linux servers that are hosted on NFS mounts.

A devops team mounts a shared drive with a handful of binaries available. The local server has application start up scripts and local configurations that leverage the remote binaries.  

FNMS by default will not scan NFS mounts. I think this is great as this could lead to huge issues with storage performance. 

How have other companies tackled the issue of software on NFS mounts? 

One thought I had is to leverage our dependency discovery tool as a data source for specific products. This would require a custom Inventory Adapter but has potential.

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Hi Rob,

In addition to 'IncludeNetworkDrives', the Flexera Agent has a command line option 'IncludeFileSystemType' that allows scanning of NFS mounts on Unix/Linux. You can combine these command line options like in:

-o IncludeNetworkDrives -o IncludeFileSystemType=nfs,ufs(...)

For avoiding the potential problems with performance and the amount of file evidence collected by Flexera agents running on Linux that you mentioned, you may want to:

  • Use this option on selected computers only (run the agent from a command line or define options in the 'config.ini' file) and/or
  • Refine the list of folders to be scanned by the Flexera agent using additional 'IncludeDirectory' and 'ExcludeDirectory' command line options.