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Skip database creation in db configuration process

Hello everyone,

A client would like to install FNMS in environment, where it's not possible to create dbs manually. They need to be requested separately, and then they will be provisioned automatically.

This means, I cannot use the script to perform the database creation part of installation.

Is it possible to just comment out the db creation part of the script and leave whole configuration?

Kind regards,


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It is safe to manually create the databases prior to running the database configuration scripts as normal. The configuration scripts are smart enough to detect that the databases have already been created, and will not attempt to re-create them.

This is a common approach taken in environments where the user account running the database configuration scripts can be given db_owner rights on the FlexNet databases, but cannot be given sysadmin rights to the entire SQL Server instance.

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Hi Chris,

This is actually great news! I will test this now, to see how it will work.

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Please make sure to pick the right DB settings, especially the dababase collation (e.g. SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS)

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