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Showing up in INventory but not in Compliance Database

We seem to have a number of servers in Inventory database, which are not showing up Compliance database.  Of these, some "used to" show up in Compliance DB at some point of time, but dont do so anymore.   I am wondering what could be the reason, and how do I debug. 

Please help!

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By Level 17 Champion
Level 17 Champion


Start with the ImportedComputer table in the FNMSCompliance DB. I've seen cases where "unlucky" matches (e.g. on ILMTAgentID) made single inventories disappear. If the machine got imported from FNMSInventory, you should find it there.

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Thanks!  I was able to locate some servers in the list of ImportedComputers.  Others seem to be missing. How do we determine what prevented the servers from being imported, and why some which have been imported are not showing up in "All Inventory".  This is very puzzling

  1. If machines aren't showing up at all, double check the FNMSInventory DB. Are the entries there real inventories or only AD references? Real inventories from the Computer table should have an entry in InventoryReport as well. If they're just from AD, check the logs on the actual computers.
  2. For the stuff showing up in ImportedComputer, check the ComplianceComputerID to see how they got matched. * Compare serial numbers, AgentID and stuff to find our why they got matched. Things can happen when machines are cloned or something.

* The correct place to review how Compliance Computers are related to Imported Computers, would be the table ComplianceComputerConnection.