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Scheduling an email from Flexera Analytics based on trigger (COGNOS)

We need to create triggers for Reports be sent via emails. Triggers need to be based on Expiry Dates of Licenses/Purchases and on basis of Consumptions reaching say 95%  or Over Consumed. 

How to create these triggers in Flexera Analytics Cognos?

FNMS version 2022 R1 and IBM Cognos Analytics 11.0.13 (LTS).

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For very specific Cognos Analytics questions you may be better off searching the Internet or IBM documentation and community. I quickly searched and found this link that may be useful: Scheduling a Cognos report based on Dates from a data warehouse table but I would encourage other forum members to chime in with FNMS specific experiences.



I dont have a solution for cognos, but I've developed an web based extension for FNMS. With this extension you can create such notification triggers as you described. My application connects to compliance database and calculates all these kind of triggers automatically 🙂

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