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I am pleased to inform you that the October 2020 update (release number 2020 R1.2) of FlexNet Manager Suite Cloud is now deployed in the UAT environment for testing and familiarization. The update will be deployed to the Production environment over the coming days in the following maintenance windows:

  • Maintenance window for FlexNet Manager Suite Europe: Production Release 2020 R1.2: Scheduled for October 1
  • Maintenance window for FlexNet Manager Suite North America: Production Release 2020 R1.2: Scheduled for October 8

This release is for Flexnet Manager Suite Cloud only and these changes will be rolled into the next On-Premises release – Flexnet Manager Suite On-Premises 2020 R2 which is due in late Q4.


Here are some highlights of this update.

Restrictions tab extended to User licenses

The Restrictions tab has now been extended to the User license type. For these licenses, group assignments of the user are checked, rather than group assignments of the inventory device. The user may be:

  • The primary user of the device (either the assigned user or the calculated user), or
  • A user identified by application usage tracking.

*As always, an inventory device for which there is no user record also counts as consuming an entitlement from a User license, and in this rare case, the group assignment of the device is still relevant.

Because users are assessed case-by-case, it is now possible to have two users of the same installation on a single device consuming from different User licenses. For example, a license restricted to London may be consumed by a user with a matching group assignment (also assigned to the location London); but a hot-desking visitor who is not assigned to London cannot break the restriction, and so must consume from another license – either an unrestricted User license, or one with a restriction matching her own group assignment.

Where the used software is licensable only by a User license type, and neither an unrestricted User license nor one with a restriction matching the visitor's group assignment exists, the visitor appears in the License Compliance > Unlicensed Installations page.

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Scheduling reports in Flexera Analytics

Flexera Analytics now provides functionality to schedule any reports that are saved in the Shared Content folder (under Team content), or your My content folder. With the Flexera Analytics scheduling feature:

  • A report can be scheduled to run at a specific time or on a recurring basis
  • You can email a report on a specified schedule to one or more recipients
  • You can save reports on a specified schedule, which will store a history of versions of the report.

Note: Flexera Analytics reports support the following output formats: HTML, PDF, Excel, Excel Data, CSV, and XML.

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Docker container support for Windows

In this release we have added the capability to discover and inventory Docker containers where the FlexNet inventory agent is installed on your Windows Docker host.

This agent now also includes the ability to collect file evidence from containers when file evidence scanning is enabled in the FNMS agent configuration

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Additional Information

Documentation and further information about the update is available on the Flexera Documentation site, including additional details on:

We love to hear about your experiences, so let us know how things go with these updates by posting a comment here or in the FlexNet Manager Forum. Of course, the friendly Flexera Support team are also always standing by to take your call, in case you have any queries suited for a more personalized discussion.




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