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SQL Server Overridden Consumption Not Working for Manually Added Server

I have a server not within our main datacenter, which I have manually added to active inventory, and then allocated it to consume within our SQL Server Enterprise Edition license. Core Count = 16. License properties is checked so that Allocations consume license entitlements. Device Role is Production. License Type is Microsoft Server Core.

After allocation and overnight reconciliation, consumption still read 0. So we set Overridden Consumption to 16. After the next overnight, however, Calculated Consumption still read 0. We arithmetically confirmed no change to the license's total consumption. I've attached license properties screenshots.

Any thoughts?

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I agree that it sounds like something else is influencing the calculated consumption. You may want to contact Flexera Support and request assistance troubleshooting exactly what's causing this in your scenario.


Thanx! We'll go that road.