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flxfsscan_report file being created under /var/opt/managesoft/cache folder in 2023 R2 version

What is this file used for? and is it necessary to keep the file?

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By Level 8 Champion
Level 8 Champion

The file will be removed after a successful scan, however we got a lot of issues since we had OracleFMW scanning enabled which leads to that all directories get scanned and not only the included and the scanning took 8-9 hours. Only public available resolution right now is to downgrade to <19.4 or disable OracleFMW

For now we disabled the OracleFMW to only scan the included directories. Flexera is working on the topic  and I will run some tests on a linux server we had issues on to see if it resolves our issues in next couple of days

Update: we left the version to 21 and then added the directories in Excluded Evidence list having huge storages and does not contain any Evidences practically. Initially it created a very huge flxfsscan_report(50GB) and stopped the server as the filesystem got full and then when we killed the process and restarted the ndtask multiple times now the file gets auto deleted once the inventory is generated and the file is not that big when it is being created. being said that, Oracle FMW is not disabled too.

On the other hand, we have a PROD server where the agent was upgraded recently to 21 and it ran for 24 hours and generated flxfsscan_report more than 50 GB and caused almost server down. Fortunately, Infra support team were monitoring at that time and killed the entire process of Flexera and requested for an RCA before starting Flexera agent again on Prod servers like that 😞

By Level 8 Champion
Level 8 Champion

Flexera implemented a fix in 2023 R2.3 to set the default max file size to 64MB. This will be included in the upcoming 2024R1 on premise agent release. However if you have FMW enabled it will still scan all drives/paths. We have temporary stopped inventory FMW until we can deploy 2024R1, and even with that we probably only activate FMW for short period of times since that scanning takes very long time.

What impact do you see with the FMW being disabled in the compliance? and if you enabled the FMW for shorter period still the agent will scan for all directories and the report file will be created with huge size and server might get down due to FS full right?

If you are using a version before 2023 R2.3 yes the file will grow large. With a never version the agent will perform all disk inventory when FMW is enabled, the file will not be larger than set/default 64MB however the processing time to scan all disks will take a lot of time. Its Oracle that requires scanning all disks. The latest 2023 R2.4 has some minor FMW improvements which might cut the inventory time a bit.

From a compliance perspective disabling the task will ofcourse impact detecting the editions on Weblogic. So while disabled you will not be able to track these in a good way.