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Level 10 Champion

SCCM with AppV integration creating Remote Devices with no applications attached

I have a customer whose production FNMS 2019 R2 system was stood up on 11/12/2020 since then over 24,600 remote devices have been created in the tool by the SMS adapter. Many of these remote devices do not have any applications associated with them and none of the remote devices get updated inventory after the first time it is created. So the remote devices that were created on 11/12 have a last inventory date of 11/12 and have no applications associated to them.

What is the value of this data? At this rate by the end of 2021 there will be tens of thousands of remote devices that were created without any applications.

These remote devices are being counted against our device CAL consumption which is causing major overages. 

Has anyone else encountered this scenario and have advice on managing it?

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Did you already check the other threads in this forum that provides some guidance, e.g. Managing Remote Devices that then also refers back to other threads and documentation?