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Hardware and Software asset management - Most used and useful reports


We are still in our infancy with the flexnet manager suite but I wanted to ask:

For those using the Flexnet manager suite - What is the most useful and the most frequently used report that come out of the box AND Custom created views/reports?

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By Level 17 Champion
Level 17 Champion

Hi Nathan,

Being mostly focused on inventory quality, I regularly use a management view showing gaps in VM-Host-Relatiosnships (VMs without hosts).

Best regards,


We created some management view reusable reports to show computers that haven't inventoried in 90 day and VMs that haven't been inventoried in 30 days and then ignore those so they are included in compliance.  On the flip side, we have reports to activate ignored computers that have reported in the last 90 days and ignored VMs that have reported in the last 30 days.


You may also want to refer to Analytics dashboard enhancements - June 2020 that documents new dashboard widgets added based on customer needs.