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SCCM File Evidence

Currently we are getting file evidence from SCCM for .exe data.  If we were to turn on file evidence from SCCM to find a specific file will that then come over via the SCCM import into FNM, or are there only certain file types that FNM imports from SCCM file evidence?

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@goody612 - Any File Evidence captured by SCCM that has a file extension of .EXE will automatically be imported into FlexNet Manager through the SCCM Adapter without any changes.

By Level 17 Champion
Level 17 Champion

The SCCM Inventory Reader does apply a filter on the file extension, here's part of the SQL code:

INSERT INTO #RelevantSoftwareFile (FileId)
FROM dbo.SoftwareFile AS sf
LEFT JOIN dbo.SoftwareProduct AS sp
	ON sp.ProductId = sf.ProductId
WHERE RIGHT(RTRIM(sf.FileName), 4) IN ('.exe', '.sys', 'sys2', 'wtag', 'ptag', '.lax', 'dtag', '.sig')


Thank you so we could just modify the SCCM Inventory Reader to to pull the file extension we are looking for?

In theory yes, in practice there might be additional steps applying filters, both in the SCCM Reader and the Writer. So I guess be sure to make a backup of your files and give it a try?