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Enter POC in FNMS

Hi Team,

Do you have any document which shows best practices to enter proof of concept in FNMS Contract section, or if you can suggest any good way to enter POC in FNMS

Thank You

Loveneesh Saxena

(2) Replies


I think that there are many ways to register PoC type of contracts in the solution, e.g. creating specific T's&C's, making sure to enter an end-date, etc.


and then ensure that any objects linked to it inherits its end-date to properly handle them entering the proper status at the end of the PoC.


@lsaxena - A very simple approach would be to create a new contract for the POC.  In the "Description" field of the contract you can put in the word "POC" as part of the contract description.  You can also apply the Start and "Planned" expiration date of the contract.

At a future time, when you go to the All Contracts view, simply apply a filter of "POC" to the contract description field to easily find all of your POCs that you have a contract against.