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Runtime for AWS EC2 Connector on FNMS 2021R1

Dear Chris,

AWS reconciliation taking time more than 60Min, But Flexera suggested to schedule AWS import  every 30 min. How we need to workout this issue. If we put every 30 min max times it's failing. 

Why we required every 30 min, is it Mandatory?



Sreerama Yenuga 

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Flexera Alumni

Running the AWS connection every 30 minutes is a suggested guideline, not a requirement.  As AWS Instances get spun up and terminated on a frequent basis, you do want to run the AWS connection more often than not.  The important thing is to make sure this is run before your nightly Compliance Import/Reconciliation.  Part of the nightly job is to match your AWS instance inventory (from the EC2 beacon connection) to Inventory Devices.

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