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Role design - Ability to select several locations and Corporate Units

Dear community,

I'm currently working on designing/creating Roles in our FNMS Saas instance, and I am quite worried. It seams that in FNMS we can mix enterprise groups (Location/Corporate Unit/Cost Center/Category) but we can only select ONE entry in each enterprise group.

This is really a problem for us as we need to create roles for local operators and local license managers with specific perimeters :
     - Based exclusively on Location (in charge of several countries),
or - Based on one country but for several corporate_units
or - Based on Location and Corporate Unit with several entries in each.

It seems that I will need to create dedicated roles for each corporate unit and each country we currently have in the system, and combine roles to assign to local operators and licence manager.
Is this the right approach ? or is there another way to implement theses restrictions?

Second point is there a way to automate/duplicate through a flexera business adapter, the creation of each roles based on our locations and corporate units we have defined in our system?

Thnaks in advance for your help.

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The problem is already known with Flexera and is negatively encountered by some customers, there is certainly already an enhancement request for it. Therefore please open another one, so that the necessity is recognized.

Unfortunately, we also have to go the way you mentioned and create a corresponding role for every possible combination. Of course, this will continue to increase if you also separate into HAM and purchasing. Sorry for the bad news


We have a similar case open, 01947965. It has been submitted to engineering for consideration. The more cases we open for the same thing, the higher it moves up on the urgency scale.

Erick Hacking, CSAM, CHAMP
IT Software Asset Manager, Lead Sr.
@EHacking, @dennis_reinhardt
Thank you for your answer. I will for sure open a new case for that as it is really frustrating and quite unbelievable to be stuck by this kind of limitation.