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Reporting Specific Agent Versions

I am trying to create a report to find the specific version of agents in our environment, as in '13.40.12' or '13.20.1076' as opposed to '2019 R1'.  The recent agent upgrade didn't change the latter, just the former and I would like to know how widely the agent propagated and where there may be problems.

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Hello Jeff This is a good question. It depends on what FNMS solution you are using. whether it's our cloud or on-premise. From this year our cloud FNMS is upgrade in a monthly basis. Each upgrade with an associated product version. For instance currently we have just released 2019 R1.2 which is version 13.40 and so on. In our ARL , you should our library team create seperated applications eg: "Inventory Agent" 2019 R1.2 (internal version is 13.40.%). If you are using on premise , then your agent version won't be upgrade until a major release is available eg: 2019 R2. Not sure if I have answered your question or not , but in short Cloud solution we do monthly release with corresponding major.minor version application title in the ARL. On Premise customer will see the same ARL title , but you product will need be updated until major release is available. Best Regards Kevin
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My reports are now showing 'FlexNet Inventory Agent 2019 R1.2' for the updated agents.  As I understand, the ARL wasn't updated until Friday (5/24), but we turned on the auto-upgrade on Tuesday (5/21).  I'll confirm the ARL release date recognizing the new agent in the future.  Thanks for everyone's help, you answered both the question I asked explicitly and implicitly.  I appreciate it.

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The FlexNet application recognition library does a fairly thorough job at seeking to normalize "raw" version numbers into human-readable version numbers, and drilling down to report on the "raw" numbers like "13.40.12" is not that easy.

It isn't a direct answer to your report query, but one approach would be to configure a report on installations of applications where Product = "FlexNet Inventory Agent". This will give the human-readable version numbers. To get the corresponding raw version number (or at least a pattern for the "major.minor" number), look at the installer evidence rules configured on the application record that you're interested in:


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