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Reporter- Find Entitlements with host id values

Hi, Does anyone know how to extract list of entitlement lines with corresponding host id values included in report? We have set of license server devices and i am trying to extract info like Entitlement Line, corresponding Activation Code and Host Id on which this entitlement has been activated. I haven't been able to find relationship between Entitlement line and Device yet and haven't been able to figure out capabilities in Reporting tool to extract this info together. Thanks
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Hi Amit,

Can you clarify exactly which product/tool you are referring to here – it sounds like you are referring to functionality enabled though license files/license servers so relevant products could be:

FlexNet Publisher:  if so you might have more luck posting in the following Forum:

FlexNet Manager for Engineering Applications?   If so, then the “Reporting tool” that you might be referring to is either:

  • FNMEA “Classic” Reports
  • Cognos (aggregated) Reports

In either of these tools, you can report on the licenses “Available” for a “Feature” on a “License Server” – but the HOSTID is not accessible through the reports (though you can access the contents of licenses through the FNMEA UI).

Or are you referring to the Flexera Product and Licensing Center and wanting to export entitlements/details?

Or something else?


I am using 'Flexnet Operations' and 'Flexera Software Reporter' tools. Thanks, Amit
Hi Amit - I think then you might be better off posting the question to the FNO forum: