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Report Builder - Filtered Install count

Does anyone know of a way to filter the "Installed Count" in Report Builder to a specific domain or corporate structure without having to list every device. I would like to create a report that is filtered by domain and corporate structure that will show me all of the installed applications with the "install count' for the filtered domain and not have the report include every device. Just looking for Inventory Device_ Domain Name; Application Name; Application Publisher and Application_Installed Count without have all of the devices that have the installed software included in the report.

I figured out how to filter the Installed Count in Report Builder but the report includes the list of devices.
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The report builder embedded in the User Interface does not have the capability to perform operations such as sum, count, etc. without loading all the records.Such feature is available in the Analytic section of FlexNet Manager Suite, as the underlying technology is Cognos.