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Remote audit for vCenter 5.0 failed

Hi Community,

I wanted to ask you if you have in your support some vCenter 5.0 which return strange thing when auditing.

When you remote audit a vCenter from beacon, you will receive a set of .ndi files, 1 for vCenter and others for ESXi that are managed by that vCenter.

The issue that I encounter is the following, every thing go smooth, no errors generated, only that the vCenter .ndi file is empty, if contains nothing, but the ESXi .ndi are correctly generated. The rights are correctly granted on the vCenter, is like the audit try to use a function that is not supported. I tried also with ESXquerry tool also with an old version of the tool, the same output. And this is impacting only the vCenter version 5.0 not other version like 5.5

Did some one encountered this issue, and if yes, how did you solve it.


Adrian Ritz

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By Level 17 Champion
Level 17 Champion

Hi Adrian,

Does your license include the VMware "blade"? I believe, without the blade, the vCenter itself shouldn't return anything.

Best regards,


Hi @mfranz ,

Yes, I have the VmWare blade, as other 45 vCenters version 5.5, 6.x are ok and audited

Only version 5.0 seems to have this error

There's additional logging that can be turned on. Maybe have a look at the etap.trace form the FNMS installation folder.