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FLexnet Manager Cloud - counting installed license keys

We are trying to determine if there is a way to count the number of license keys installed? To make sure that license keys are removed when someone no longer needs the software. 

We don't need to know the key itself, just which devices the keys are installed on? 

any ideas?

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@schilnr  :

FlexNet Manager does not have the ability to discover and inventory License Keys.  As you go from software publisher to software publisher and product to product, there is not a standard repository where License Keys are created.  They could be stored in the Windows Registry, in a .INI or some other type of file, in the ISO Tag, etc.  FlexNet Manager, for example, stores the License Key within the database.

Further, License Keys are frequently encrypted, making it impossible to obtain.

FlexNet Manager does provide some ability for you to manage your License Keys, but you must provide/import all of your existing License Keys and then on the Software License, you can assign a License Key to the appropriate Device or User to track which license keys are being used, and which ones are available to be assigned.