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Reconfiguring Beacon from On-Prem to the Cloud

Hi everyone,

We are looking for some recommendations as we are looking to move a beacon that is connected to FNMS On-Premises to a Cloud instance.

Is there anything in particular we need to take in account before reconfiguring it?

 Has anyone completed this setup before?



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Configure the FlexNet Beacon Engine service to run as the service account (i.e. the same account that is used for running sch edu led tasks).


Sreerama Yenuga

@clugo1 - The two types of beacons are basically different applications. 

]You will need to completely UNINSTALL your On-Premises inventory beacon and then do a new install of an FNMS Cloud/Flexera One ITAM Beacon.


While I usually agree with @kclausen aka 'Captain Kirk', my understanding is that the FNMS Beacon software used for the on-premises version of FNMS and for the Cloud basically is the same thing.

Assuming that you have access to the Flexera Cloud or to Flexera ONE, follow these steps for redirecting an existing on-prem FNMS Beacon to the Cloud:

After completing these steps, the Beacon will be communicating with the Flexera Cloud only.

Thank you all for your reply. I will give the different solutions a try and see whats the best approach,