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Reading Vmwae tags


can we configure Flexnet agent or vcenter integration script to read additional Vmware data like VMware tags ?


Customers will be adding multiple tags to Vm , for easily differentiate and identify them based on roles, functionality ,location etc.


or how easy to create separate fields with in inventory devices to accommodate such custom fields and import such data via business adapters etc.



Junaid vengadan

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Community Manager

I can't think of a way to easily use the FlexNet agent of VMware inventory gathering capability to gather custom tag details like this, but if you can develop your own gathering mechanism and get the data into (say) a CSV file then it would be relatively straightforward for somebody who is familiar with configuring business adapters to import the data into custom properties configured on on inventory device records.

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It looks like the VMware PowerCLI should be able to retrieve tags.

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@mfranz and @ChrisG

Thanks a lot for the comments and feedback.

i think using business adapter will be a possibly best option here.

Junaid Vengadan