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Rational Software Delivery Platform

Hi all,

I'm trying to figure out what is exactly "Rational Software Delivery Platform". From my understanding it seems to be a "branding" or a "marketing name" rather than a software per say. I can't find a part number to purchase it.

Whats is confusing me is that FNMS classify this as "Commercial" and this link indicates that it's a package

Any thoughts appreciated!

Kind Regards.

(3) Replies

Thanks for reaching out to Flexera support.

The content team is looking into this issue. I will provide an update soon

Best regards.

Hi all,  any update from the content team?


As mentioned, it looks like a branding name or the family name and so we have updated the classification as Component. The changes related to this request will be updated on the 24th March ARL release.

Thank you.