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Purchase Order Best Practice Inquiry

Given there is no copy to new function, what are the business impacts if we were to continuously update Purchase Orders? For example, change dates, update licensing etc.  How to approach vendors who refuse to co-term- can these Purchase Orders be continuously updated or should we create a new Purchase Order for each renewal (quarterly)?

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@MARBRY2 to start, are (will) you be using FlexNet as a database of record. Preferably, will you be using FlexNet as your Asset Management Database (AMDB)?

If you're using FlexNet as a database of record, then I would suggest not continuously modifying purchase orders.

With continuously updating purchase orders, then below are some of the factors that would need to be taken into consideration:

1. How would the asset manager show historical documentation of asset entitlements that are obtained.  

2. What would show the increase or decrease in assets (and value) over time.

3. How is return on investment (ROI) or cost benefit analysis (CBA) done by the asset manager.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions.



I totally agree. Delivering transparency is one of FNMS most important features. And that includes historical data. Each PO should be a clear reference to a unique document/process/event.

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