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Level 8 Champion
Level 8 Champion

Please vote at IBM to enhance the BigFix API so that Flexera can build an Bigfix Adapter based on API

Hello Everyone,

As you probably know currently FNMS only supports an Bigfix db connector. Now my customers would like to have an API connector. This is currently not possible because Flexera is limited on the IBM API who has shortcommings on RVU and PVU data.  Because of this my customer created an enhancement at IBM. Now I  think posting this on Community Forums may help us get traction. I think votes are the only way our request will be escalated to the developers.

Please send this to the people that have an IBM to get more votes;

Please vote and hopefully we will have an API based connector soon! Feel free to share the link.


Best Regards



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Do IBM have a community where we can show support for this?
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@dcollins wrote:
Do IBM have a community where we can show support for this?

Yes - that is what the link @Ronny_OO7 has given takes you to. You can vote there (which I have done).

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Yes indeed, thanks Chris!

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Sorry my mistake, did not realise on first glance
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no worries, hope you could vote 🙂

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I recall that HCL has purchased bigfix now, not sure how that will affect the existing IBM community and such but it may be worth asking HCL about future plans for the product also?


I have not heard back such feedback from IBM. Do you have contact with HCL?  Can you perhaps raise the question?



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